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GTA homeowners know that natural stone elements add beauty — and value — to their homes. Stone is a great material for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, for example, or for shower surrounds or tub decks. Stone highlights are also perfect for fireplace surround, mantel, and hearth. Stone tabletops, wall caps, or other natural stone accents give any home an air of harmony and timeless elegance.
Many years ago, premium stone décor elements were used only by the very wealthy because quarrying and finishing stone was very slow and; labour-intensive. Famous buildings like the Taj Mahal gained notoriety in part due to the exquisite marble used in their construction. In recent decades, technology for extracting and processing stone has made enormous advances. This means that stone is more readily available, and far more affordable. Bringing timeless elegance to your living space has never been easier!

Quartzite vs. Marble and Granite

Marble and granite are the two best-known types of stone used by GTA designers, but other types of stone are growing in popularity. One of these is quartzite, which has many advantages over traditional stone. This metamorphic rock rivals granite for durability, and is less likely to chip or crack. The Mohs scale rates quartzite as a "7,” roughly equivalent to the hardness of granite. As well, the surface is not as porous as other types of stone, so it's more resistant to staining. This makes quartzite a terrific choice for countertops. Even acidic substances like tomato sauce, orange juice, alcohol, or coffee are unlikely to stain quartzite if they are cleaned off in a timely fashion. Quartzite is also a more affordable option than other types of stone.
Many commercial enterprises have discovered the advantages of quartzite. Because it often resembles granite, the two are easily mistaken for one another. Next time you're in a hotel with a stone bathroom counter, examine it closely; it's possible that what you thought was quarried stone slab is actually quartzite.
Another major reason that quartzite is popular with GTA homeowners is that it is highly attractive. Quartzite is created in a variety of colours, and with a range of patterning. Some is highly patterned; some is more uniform looking. Quartzite is usually available in a range of neutral colours such as grey, brown, white, cream, and beige. Quartz with iron oxide elements tends to be pink or reddish, and some suppliers carry stone in these shades, too.

Fabrication and Installation

Before you select the quartzite for your home, choose a company that can supply, fabricate, and install your new stone elements. It's important to find a company with the capability to complete every aspect of the process with precision and efficiency. Better companies carry a wide selection of stone for you to choose from. They also employ state of the art CNC technology in the fabrication process. While cutting, finishing, and edging by hand can take days, but with computer technology, this can be reduced to mere hours.
Add the beauty of natural stone to your home! Visit a GTA stone supplier today.

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